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Community Radio for Castlebar 102.9fm
CRCfm is supported by
volunteers, advertising,
fundraising events,
programme grants and work
placement projects such as
Pobal, Tús, JobBridge and the
Rural Social Scheme.
CRCfm provides a pathway
back into the workplace for
many people, teaching office
and computer skills and
providing training on radio
research, production and

CRCfm is a community radio
station licenced by the
Broadcasting Authority of
Ireland to broadcast 24 hours
per day to the 30,000 people
who live in and around
Castlebar, Co Mayo in Ireland.

Community Radio Castlebar FM Ltd  |  Mosaic Centre, Harlequin Plaza, Garvey Way, Castlebar, Co. Mayo  |  +353 94 90 2 55 55  |  Reg. No. 235052         

Welcome to Castlebar

Castlebar (Caisleán an Bharraigh, meaning "Barry's Castle") is the County town of County Mayo.  Castlebar is
also the administrative seat for the county. As one of the fastest growing towns in the country it is a vibrant
and energetic Market Town.